"I am eternally, devastatingly romantic, and I thought people would see it because ‘romantic’ doesn’t mean ‘sugary.’ It’s dark and tormented — the furor of passion, the despair of an idealism that you can’t attain."
Catherine Breillat (via thatkindofwoman)

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It’s all a matter of perspective
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Anonymous: Omg yayy i just want to wake up to you every morning and say i love you and kiss you all over and make you breakfast and love you more and more each day :)

i think I can handle that

Anonymous: Are you single

single and ready to mingleeeeee

Anonymous: Are you straight or gay if you don't mind me asking

supa gay

Anonymous: Hello sexyyy boyy

oh hi

Anonymous: Wow I never thought I'd see perfection till I saw you. Your absolutely flawless

<333 ily

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